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Project Overview

Notifly is a SaaS cybersecurity startup that I founded, raised venture capital and took the idea to market in 18 months. Please note that the following overview is focused on the Product Design aspect of my role at Notifly.

This product presented an extremely complicated set of design problems based on a varying range of issues. Usability and compliance being the most challenging obstacles to overcome simply based on the product deployment requirements and enterprise environments the application was used in.

Roles & Responsibilities

On this project my main role was Head of Product and Lead Product Designer. Often times, in startups, clear-cut lines that normally define the boundaries of traditional roles are blurred. Notifly was no different.


Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that would allow companies to gather threat intelligence pertaining to their physical infrastructure.

My Process

In setting out to solve this very real problem that companies were having, I spent the first three months meeting with large organizations across difference verticals. Understanding the problem from the customers perspective was paramount in gathering the correct data to actually being designing. Below is the process I used.

  1. Identify Goals - User Centered Design, Business, Practical
  2. Learn - Research, Interview, Observe
  3. Analysis - Statistical, Competitive, Make assumptions
  4. Validation - Prove assumptions, Think about them
  5. Imagine - Ideate approaches, Design studios
  6. Design - Wire frames, Mock-ups
  7. Present - Get feedback
  8. Refine - Make changes, Incorporate feedback
  9. Prototype - Interactions, Heuristics
  10. Test - Usability testing, Learn, Listen

Product Requirements

We entered into a proof-of-concept deal with a top 5 defense contractor who was working with the United States Military to deliver this very capability to supplement the physical security capabilities at installations all over the world.

After having conducted multiple requirements gathering sessions and design studios, I felt confident with the product requirements list to begin mocking up some the UI's and dashboards for the proof-of-concept.

White board session
Threat Dashboard Fig03 - Dashboard Final.

Monitoring Tasks

Monitoring Tasks are heart of the application. It is the process that allows a user to define a threat and launch a very powerful data ingestion process capable of sourcing, filtering, translating and displaying relevant threat information.

The interface for Monitoring Tasks had to be designed for users who had very limited knowledge of technology or web applications in general. Here is a sketch of the Monitoring Task UI.

Task Sketch
Threat Dashboard Fig03 - Dashboard Final.

Designing the Monitoring Task Interface was challenging. I was able to use a common Form design pattern using elements that users are familiar with, such as: calendars, drop down boxes, text fields, sliders, etc. I did a quick mock up of what this form would look like and passed it around to a group of 25 end users and asked them to fill out a Q&A form letting me know what they did or did not like. Below is the resulting UI based on that feedback:

Monitoring Task UI
Threat Dashboard Fig03 - Dashboard Final.

Here is the final UI.

Monitoring Task UI
Threat Dashboard Fig03 - Dashboard Final.

Threat Dashboard - Insights into Actions

These days, it's all about data, lot's of it. Fortunately for a lot of startups and organizations, getting data isn't that complicated anymore. The design problem I had to solve was building a User Interface would present complicated, technical information in a simple yet intuitive way.

The Threat Dashboard was basically an overview of the data provided by the various features and capabilities of the software. The research data and information gathering sessions provided all the direction I needed to begin working out some wire frames.

Here are some pictures of white board envisioning sessions with the key stakeholders.

White Board Sessions
Threat Dashboard Fig03 - Dashboard Final.

After the sessions, I gathered the feedback as well as the photos I took of the white boards and did a quick UI wireframe.

Task Dashboard Final
Threat Dashboard Fig03 - Dashboard Final.

Here is the a screen shot of thee accepted prototype containing the final, signed off on, visual design elements as well.

Task Dashboard Final
Threat Dashboard Fig03 - Dashboard Final.

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